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The History of
the Freedom of Information Act

This page is an elaboration of just one of the many great bills promoted and passed by Democrats (usually over the objections of Republicans) which I highlight at my Democrats-3.html page.
        If you believe that those citizens of America who want to keep track of what the country's "public servants" have done and are now doing should have access to just about everything they want to know, in a timely fashion - with rare exceptions -, then you should know that it's the Democratic Party that has done the most to promote the public's right to know, and the Republican Party that has worked hardest to impede that right!
        Thankfully, there's been no need for anyone to dig up the history in question, because that has already beem done by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and published on their https://www.eff.org/issues/transparency/history-of-foia page.

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