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a CNN video : "Abortion wasn't always taboo in America"

Take a look at how abortions went from being widely practiced before the 1880s, to being outlawed, after a crusade by the American Medical Association, to then being legalized by the Supreme Court 90 years later.

Big Lies the anti-choicers promote against Planned Parenthood:

"abortion really is where they make their money, no matter what they claim, and they don't want anything derailing that income stream."


Really? If that anti-choice claim is TRUE, then when is someone at Planned Parenthood going to figure out that every time they provide a girl contraception services they may preventing any number of pregnancies AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR CASH-MAKING ABORTIONS???? So, instead of providing contraception services 8 times as often as it performs an abortion ( as is shown in 1st chart below), Planned Parenthood should follow the example of the Catholic Church and other "pro-lifers" who promote ever more pregnancies (and opportunities for abortions) by denying sexually active people contraceptives!

PP_Report on Services 2018

PP_Report on Revenues 2018

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